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Our mission at Aquarian Workshops is to bring workshops that support the expansion of human spirit and human potential.

The Piscean Age and the Piscean paradigms aren’t working anymore. If you look at all the discord, insecurity and frustration happening everywhere you look, it becomes clear that there are no systems in place to deal with these new energies when the old tools don’t work. We now have to look inside for the security we have sought externally in the past. We have to find new paradigms, new patterns of thought, new frequencies to not only survive this new age, but to prosper in it – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Aquarian Workshops presents workshops and seminars that give you the tools to manifest the life you want in this new time.

Workshop Presenters: If you would like to just “show up and teach,” Aquarian Workshops is your one-stop business management service. We help you by making all your arrangements, so you really can just show up and teach.

Workshop venues: We want to help you get powerful, high quality workshops into your venues! We are your network resource – call on us to get the workshops that bring your customers back again and again.

Workshop participants: Aquarian Workshops provides full listings of workshops around the world. Check out our calendar and location pages for information about what workshops are being presented.


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